Looking for talented IT professionals? recruvo finds you the best IT talent!

Whether you are looking for contract or full-time professionals to join your organization, recruvo has years of experience matching critical positions with great IT talent. At recruvo, we believe building strong partnerships with our clients is the key to a successful placement.  A strong partnership allows us to intimately understand our clients’ staffing needs and be able to match them with the right talent. It also allows for a smooth recruiting process and a great client experience! 

Intake & Strategy Session

The process begins with an intake meeting with our client to discuss the position and share our recruiting strategy. This allows us to intimately understand the hard and soft skills required for someone to succeed in the role. Knowing that we are in a very competitive IT labor market we also work with you to come up with a “value proposition” that differentiates your opportunity and organization from the many others that are competing for the same talent. 


After the intake meeting is conducted we begin our search for the ideal candidate(s). The best IT talent is always in high demand and rarely have the need to navigate the job boards. We call these candidates “passive" candidates.  Our years of experience and vast relationships in the industry allow us to reach and attract these passive candidates more effectively.

recruvo is not a “resume shop” and therefore you should not expect to receive tens of resumes to review. We will screen candidates thoroughly and present you only with the top candidate (s) to interview. Your time is valuable to us, therefore leave the screening to us while you stay focused on your core business and responsibilities! 

Interview & Selection

We understand that making the right hiring decision is critical to your organization. Because of this, we follow an interview process of your preference. Whether you prefer to conduct a phone/video interview, in person interview, or both, we follow a process that allows you and your team to confidently make the right hiring decision. 

Follow Up

We believe that regular communication between all parties is key to making sure expectations are being met. We follow up with you on a regular basis to review performance and share critical feedback. 

 "approaches recruiting with a completely unbiased perspective from both the candidate and employer perspective...the result was some of the most impressive candidates we have ever seen"


                                                                                                        HR Manager